Baobab Fruit Frequently Asked Questions...And Answers!

We get it, if you are going to eat some fruit you have never heard of, you are probably going to have some questions you need answered first!  If you are brand new to the Baobab Fruit, we recommend you take a look at our articles on the Baobab Fruit first - 


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Still Got Questions?  Cool, We Like Curious Folks


We have been receiving emails with a number of questions about the Baobab Fruit and Baobab Powder supplements and we love it!  We find in life, the more questions you ask, the better things become.

On this page we will provide frequently asked questions about the Baobab Fruit.  Wait, don't order yet, not only will we provide the questions...we will provide answers as well :)  Yeah, we care about you that much.  Go ahead and bookmark or favorite this page as we will be adding new questions and answers on a regular basis.  Don't see your question here?  Just drop us a line and we will do our best to get you an answer.  Okay, let's jump into the questions...


Can You Share Some Baobab Recipes?

Absolutely!  This is probably the number one question we get, so we decided to do a whole page dedicated to Baobab Recipes.  Go have a look at the Baobab Recipes, we even have some fun and easy to follow videos.  Once you are done, come back here to read more questions.


Do All Baobab Fruit Powders Have The Same Nutrients?

Nope.  The primary factors that determine the nutrient level of a Baobab Fruit Powder are where the Baobab was grown, when it was picked and how it was processed.  Baobab Fruit grown in Southern Africa, such as Malawi, has been tested to have significantly higher antioxidant levels than Baobab from other regions.  

Just like any other fruit, Baobab can be picked at various stages of ripeness.  Baobab that is picked too young or too old will have a weaker nutritional profile than ripe Baobab Fruit.

Finally, the way the Baobab Fruit is processed into a powder can have a major impact on the nutrient levels of the Baobab Powder.  The best way to process the Baobab Fruit is to allow it to naturally dehyrdate in the shell, then cut it open, remove the seeds and mill the Baobab pulp into powder.  This process uses NO HEAT and therefore keep the nutrients in the Baobab pulp intact.

As we discuss here, our Limitless Baobab Powder is made using only ripe Baobab Fruit from Malawi, is 100% Certified Organic and absolutely no heat is used in making the powder.  You can take a look at all the lab testing on our Baobab powder.  The lab tests provide the most accurate way to know that the Baobab Powder is still active with healthy nutrients.  If another company can not supply all the lab testing, we would be reluctant to try their Baobab powder.

What Are The Side Effects From Taking Baobab Fruit Powder?

If you are using a 100% Organic and Pure Baobab Powder like our Limitless Baobab, there really should not be side effects.  Eating a pure Baobab fruit powder is the same as eating Baobab fruit and it is unlikely you would have side effects from eating a fruit.  

The one thing to be aware of with Baobab Fruit is that it is very high in fiber (about 50% fiber).  So, if you have a 12 gram dosage of Baobab Powder, you are getting 6 grams of fiber.  There are many health benefits from a diet rich in fiber, but if you are trying to limit your fiber intake or have a sensitivity to fiber, you will need to limit your Baobab Powder intake as well.

You should also be aware of Baobab Blended products.  There are some products on the market that have Baobab powder and lots of other ingredients blended together.  It is possible the other ingredients in these blends could cause side effects.  As long as you stick with a straight Baobab Powder like the Limitless Baobab, the odds of having any side effects are very low.

What is The Correct Dosage of Baobab Powder?

The same as the correct amount of blueberries to eat in a day :)  Seriously, since Baobab Powder is just dehydrated Baobab fruit, it is very hard to say what the "correct" dosage would be.  The Baobab Fruit powder is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as we explain here, so we think it is important to eat some Baobab on a daily basis.

With our Limitless Baobab we recommend that you mix 6 grams into water, juice or tea at least once a day.  If you are going to add the Baobab powder to a smoothie, you can use 12 grams.  The only reason not to put 12 grams into water or juice is because the Baobab Fruit is high in Pectin and Fiber and you might get some grittiness if you put too much Baobab in a simple juice or water.

We also like to take a little more Baobab if we are feeling sick, tired or just low on energy.  As the Baobab powder is packed with healthy nutrients, it makes sense to take more if you are looking to rebound or recover.  Baobab also makes a terrific post workout drink as it is filled with potassium and magnesium.


Can You Bake With Baobab Powder?

Absolutely!  Baobab cookies, Baobab cakes, Baobab brownies - all super yummy and packed with nutrients.  It is true that the heat will kill off some of the nutrients.  Our informal testing shows about a 10% loss in nutrients when you bake or cook Baobab powder.  Luckily, Baobab Fruit is so high in nutrients to start with, that even with a 10% loss, you are still getting a powerful nutritional punch.


What Does Baobab Fruit Taste Like?

The Baobab Fruit really does have a unique flavor.  The best way to describe the flavor is sort of like a sour Mango lemonade.  It definitely has a citrus taste and is also tangy.  The Baobab fruit is not very sweet, so if you don't like sour drinks, you may want to mix it in some juice that has some sweetness to it.  Baobab Iced Tea is one of the favorites here at Limitless Good.  

Baobab fruit powder goes great in any smoothie, but we think it works really well when mixed with raspberries.  

Where Can I Buy Baobab Fruit?

This may seem like an odd question, but we have been getting it a lot.  What people want to know is, can you buy fresh, whole Baobab fruit in the USA?  Good question, so much so, we created a whole blog post on Where Can I Buy Baobab Fruit - have a read. 


What Will I Feel When I Take Baobab Fruit Powder?

Within minutes of drinking Limitless Baobab, you will feel your body flatten, your clothes turn blue and green and your head grow larger, as seen in this actual "after" photograph...

Seriously, Baobab fruit does not have caffeine, so you will not feel a jittery jumpy energy as soon as you drink it.  Rather, the Baobab fruit supports a healthy immune system and lowers inflammation throughout the body with its unique mix of fiber and antioxidants.  This means over the course of a few weeks of using the Baobab you should start to feel stronger, more energetic, healthier and just more in balance.  For more information on the health benefits of drinking Baobab, please click here.


When Is The Best Time To Drink Baobab?

When your mouth is open!

Seriously, anytime is a good time for Baobab.  We like to have it in the morning, to get us going and feeling good.  We also love Baobab as a workout drink.  Mix up some Baobab and then drink it while working out or exercising.  Due to the large amount of Potassium and Magnesium in the Baobab fruit powder, it makes an excellent sports drink.


Is Eating Limitless Baobab Really Good For the World?

We have had a number of people tell us that the Baobab fruit has great health benefits for people who eat it, but they worry, is harvesting Baobab fruit from Africa good for the people in Africa and is it sustainable.  

This is Limitless Good, we are all about making sure that anything we sell is GOOD for everyone and the planet!  On this issue of sustainability, less than 30% of the Baobab Fruit that grows is picked for harvesting.  The Baobab Fruit that is picked is done in a way that does no harm to the Baobab tree.  We use only fairly traded Baobab Fruit powder, so the people of Malawi are able to make a nice living by harvesting the Baobab Fruit.  

For each bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we donate money to provide 8 meals for people who don't have enough food in America. In addition, each month we give $200 to a customer to Do Good In Your Neighborhood.  We also do funraisers (yep, we said FUN) like Share a Smile, We'll Share a Meal which provided enough money for over 3,500 meals for those in need on #GivingTuesday.

Simply put, we take this Doing Good thing very seriously.

Stay Tuned, More Q&A Coming Soon.