$200 To Do Good In Your Neighborhood

We get it - everyones idea of Doing Good is different and we think that is AWESOME!  We want to celebrate, share, assist and reward those who do Good on a local level.  To get things going, we have come up with our $200 To Do Good In Your Neighborhood program.

Local and Micro Good is Great

For each bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we are donating money to provide 8 meals for people in need of food. This is a great start, but we want to see how you could do good.  We know there are probably tons of local causes that could use a little help.  By simply placing an order with Limitless Good, you are automatically entered into our Do Good In Your Neighborhood contest. 

Each month we will randomly pick one customer and send them $200 in cash.  All we ask is that you use that money to Do Good in anyway you see fit and share it with us.

What's The Catch, Where Is The Fine Print?

There is no catch.  No forms to fill out.  No strings attached.  Really, there aren't any rules.  If we pick your name, we send you the cash and you Do Good in your own way.   Could you pocket the money or worse, use it to start a life of crime.  I guess, but just think of all the bad Karma.  It would be like when the Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii and Bobby finds the idol, which should not be taken, but he takes it anyway and then bad things start to happen... Sorry, I digress, but we don't need any forms or agreements, I am sure no one wants that bad karma.

Get Creative, Good Comes In Many Forms

You absolutely can give the money to a local food bank, a school, a non-profit you like - but you can also use it in other ways.  Maybe your son really wants to go to a new science museum, but you just don't have it in the budget to go.  Use the $200 to take the trip and do great Good by bonding with your son.  Good happens on all levels and feel free to use the money to create some Good right in your family.

While not a requirement, we do ask that you share the good you do.  I think we can all learn and be inspired by hearing about how people are doing Good in their own special way.  You can write about it, take photos, make a video, sing a song - however you want to share is cool with us.  Contact Us and we will figure out the best way to share the Good you are doing.