Let's Do Good

Look at that.  The word Good in a big giant font, and green no less.  Still, what does Good mean?  To be honest, we don't know how to define it, but I think we all know Good when we see it.  

Good is relative.  Good is helpful. Good is contagious. Good is a moving target.  Good is incremental.  Good should be shared and rewarded. And of course, unlike fossil fuels, Good is Limitless.

How Can You Do Good?


In so many ways!  Help your neighbor, be there for your friends and family, spread the word when people need help, have dinner with your family, volunteer and support companies that help others.  You don't need to become a Saint to Do Good and you definitely do NOT need to be perfect.  If we all take one good step, we make giant strides.

To help you Find Your Good, you can check out our Become a Do Good Wizard Resource Page, read the Do Good section of our Blog, or visit our Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube Channel.  We will provide tips, resources and guides on how to Do Good...and it will be fun!  

How Does Limitless Good Do Good?

Specifically, we have a natural product called Limitless Baobab, which in addition to helping you feel fantastic, let's us do some pretty good things.  For each bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we donate money to provide 8 meals for people who don't have enough food in America. In addition, each month we give $200 to a customer to Do Good In Your Neighborhood.  We also work with the local growers to support their community and the Baobab is fairly, ethically and sustainably traded, so it is Good for everyone involved.


All of that is great, but even if you have absolutely no interest in buying a product, we want to work together to amplify, maximize, share and reward the good we are all doing.  Via our blog, Facebook and Twitter channels we want to share and reward any good you are doing and encourage others to join in.  Know a situation that needs a little help - let us know and maybe together we can spread the word and make things better.

Good Should Be Shared, Rewarded and Fun

Despite the negative headlines and news stories, we know that good is happening all around us, every single day.  We want to reward, share and encourage the good - no matter how big or small.  We also know two other things - paying taxes sucks and life should be fun.  Sorry, can't do anything about the first one, but we will try to show that doing good can be fun and even share some stuff that hopefully will make you Laugh Loud.

We have some cool things planned that will be fun, rewarding and help people out - so please join our mailing list and favorite this page.  Finally, this is all a learning process for us, as a company, as well, so we beg of you to share your thoughts.   


Now, Let's Go Do Some Good!