Limitless Good Affiliate Program

Perhaps you have used our Limitless Baobab and you are Feeling Good due to the crazy amount of nutrients packed into the Baobab Fruit.  By using our Limitless Baobab you are Doing Good, since with each bottle sold we provide 8 meals to people in need.  Now, there is just one more piece to fill in, in this Triangle Of Good...

Feel Good, Do Good, Make Good Money!

What if you could share the totally Good Limitless Baobab story...and make some cash at the same time?  Your wish is our command oh Do Good Genie!  We now introduce the - 

Limitless Good Affiliate Program

Not only is this Good, it is totally easy!  Here are the steps...

Step 1:

Click here to sign up for our Affiliate Program.  It is totally free

Step 2:

Share the unique affiliate link you receive

Step 3:

Every time someone makes a purchase via your link, you get 25% of the sale!

Share Your Affiliate Link Wherever You Like

Have a blog? Add your affiliate link in a post. Sending out an email discussing the benefits of Baobab?  Yep, throw the affiliate link in there.  Posting to Facebook or Twitter?  You get the idea - put the affiliate link in there as well.

Here is the long and short of it.  We love you.  We wouldn't be where we are today without our loyal customers.  The affiliate program gives us a way to pay you back for your love of our Limitless Baobab and our mission to Do Good.  

You Still Here?  Go Join The Affiliate Program!

There is no fine print, no catch to this deal.  Hope over to the Affiliate Registration page and see how easy, free and painless it is.

Any questions?  Just drop us an email at support  @ (remove the spaces).

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