Mission Statement For Limitless Good

Oh man, you really clicked on the Mission Statement?  We totally were not expecting that.  What's next, you going to start reading Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy? 

Seriously, we are glad you are here.  So, you want the long version or the short version of the Mission Statement?  Short? sure, here you go-

Limitless Good - Feel Good, Do Good, Laugh Loud

See, that was short.  Oh, wait, that is just our tag line?  Okay, better give you the long version -

What Is The Mission For Limitless Good?

At Limitless Good we believe that our best days are ahead of us. With endless access to news and media we are constantly bombarded with negativity. Obesity rates are skyrocketing, the economy is in free fall, the ice caps are melting and our healthcare system is broken. Well sure, if you are a glass half filled with deadly poison type of guy, you could see the above facts as negatives.

Here at Limitless Good we focus on the positive - all the ways we can make a difference, encourage social change, eat the right foods, feel better, make a positive difference in our community and see how many cats we can find dressed like Santa.

Yep, No Need To Reread That Last Line, We Said Cats Dressed Like Santa


Look, if we are going to eliminate disease and end worldwide hunger, we are going to need some comic relief every now and then. This is where the Laugh Loud part of the tag line comes in.  We are tired of doing good and being healthy having such a heavy weight to it. Sure, we all want to do good, eat well and be healthy, but it can’t be all doom and gloom. Let’s focus on the positive, laugh at ourselves and make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

What Is Good

If we are going to have a mission of Doing Good, I guess we need to figure out what Good is.  Good is relative. There is no absolute good. If today you are doing something more positive then yesterday, you are doing good.

There are the traditional ways to do social good – volunteer at a food bank, help find a cure for cancer, run to raise awareness about hungry children. All incredibly awesome and we fully want to support, take part and encourage this type of doing good.

In addition, we really want to support small steps in doing good. If you rarely find time to sit down with the family, have a relaxing dinner and just talk – dedicating yourself to one night a week of family time is doing good.

Doing good is not black and white. You’re not a saint or a sinner. We all find our ways to do good, give back and we want to celebrate, share, reward, enhance and encourage all types of good.  We live by the motto, Do Good, Don’t Judge What Is Good.  Hmm, I wonder how that would look on a coffee mug...

I think that needs a little work before we go to production...

Of course, doing good is also connected with eating, exercise and feeling good.

Why You Need to Feel Good To Do Good

Mentally, when you Do Good, you Feel Good.  The problem is, we have found it very hard to do good…if you feel like crap! This is why part of our mission is to help people feel good - mentally and physically.  We will be posting some great articles on exercises and activities that will have you feeling good, on every level.

In addition, at Limitless Good we have found some incredible natural, organic and healthy foods that can have you feeling great.  When you buy our natural and organic products, you not only will feel good, but you then have the energy to Do Good.  In addition, your purchase helps fund our efforts to give to awesome charities and support great social causes.  You feel good, you do good, we do good, we feel good - it is just a giant runaway, avalanche snowball of everyone Doing Good and Feeling Good!

Just like with Doing Good, we don’t want to judge about eating good or feeling good. If you run 30 miles a day, you have one idea of what is eating good and feeling good. Someone who is trying to run 30 miles a month might have a different view of eating good and feeling good. We don’t care if you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic only, meat only, soy free, gluten free – come one, come all – we can all agree when you eat good food, you feel good. Let’s celebrate the small steps, let’s encourage incremental change – eating healthy is not an all or nothing thing. Make a small change, see if you feel good and take it from there.

Can We Really Make A Difference In The World?

Absolutely!  We like to have fun at Limitless Good, but we take our mission of making the world a better place very seriously.  With each bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we support incredible charities.  We give money directly back to you to Do Good In Your Neighborhood.  We work with growers who support fair trade and harvest in a ethical and sustainable way, so the product is Good for every person involved - from the grower to the consumer.

All of that is great, but the best way to make a real difference is to share the good, amplify the good and use all of our social resources to spread the Good that is happening all around us.  Good is contagious, the more people who touch Good, the more it spreads.  

We will share ways to Do Good and Feel Good on our blog and social channels. We will reward people for doing good.  When we see Good, we will capture it and share it.  We will bring attention to great causes that people should know about.  We will work with sponsors to do some fun contests that will spread the good and help those in need.

Understand that when we say "we" we mean you and us.  Surprise, this is your Mission Statement too.  We need to work together to achieve this mission of Doing Good.  We have access to incredible social sharing tools that allow us all to magnify our voices and draw attention to important matters.  Let's work together, Let's Feel Good, Let's Do Good and Let's never forget to Live Life Laughing.


You still here?  Wow, you are thorough...we love it!  If you still want to learn more about Limitless Good, try the About Us page.  If that doesn't work, contact us and we will put you in touch with our 3rd grade teachers - they'll give you the real scoop about our "issues".