100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Limitless Good we are all about the Good.  Simply put, we always want you to feel good with anything your purchase from us.  How can you be expected to Do Good, if you are unhappy with a purchase?  

We NEVER want to see our customers looking like this -


This Is How We Want Our Customers To Look After Shopping At Limitless Good -


The Limitless Guarantee - NOTHING TO RETURN

We are addicted to happy, so we will pretty much do anything to make you happy.  

Please watch this 70 second video to learn about our Industry Leading Limitless Guarantee -

That's right, with the Limitless Guarantee you can try a bottle of Limitless Baobab for 90 days.  If you are unhappy for any reason, just email us and we will issue a refund.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO RETURN THE BOTTLE!

Limitless Guarantee


The Not So Fine, Fine Print

The No Return Limitless Guarantee applies to one bottle.  So if you order a bottle and don't love it, just email us and get your money back.

If you order multiple bottles, that is awesome!  We still want you to be happy and will take care of you.

All we ask is that if you buy in bulk, you just open 1 bottle at a time.  So, let's say you order 6 bottles, please try out one bottle first and see if you like it.  If not, you can keep that one used bottle and just return the 5 sealed bottles and you still get a full refund (for all 6 bottles).  All we are asking is that you don't open all 6 bottles on the first day and then return 6 bottles that are barely used.

That's it - no real fine print.  In fact, that 90 day period is pretty open as well.  If you call us on day 100, we are not going to refuse your refund.  Like we said, we want you to be happy. 


Any questions?  Feel to contact us anytime.