Petastic Spooky Scavenger Hunt For Good

Halloween is coming.  Limitless Good is launching.  Who doesn't love to see a dog dressed like a pirate?  So, we are laying down the gauntlet.  Issuing a challenge for Good.  If by Halloween 50 people have posted a photo of pets in costume to our Facebook page, we will donate $200 to the ASPCA and ship a free bottle of Feel Good Limitless Baobab to the first 50 people to post photos. 


The Do Good:

It's a challenge, it's a race, it's an excuse to waste time looking for pets in costume, but really be doing Good. The rules of Goodness are simple.  Post a photo, or a link to a photo of pets in costume to our Facebook page.  It can be your adorable rat dressed like George Washington, or any pet in costume photo you can find online. If by midnight on Halloween, 10/31/13, 50 people have posted photos of pets in costume on our Facebook page, we will donate $200 to the ASPCA.  You Do Good just by having fun!  But wait, don't order yet...

The Feel Good:

First 50 people to post a photo get a free bottle of 100% USDA Certified Organic Limitless Baobab.  When we say free we mean free.  You give us your address we ship you a 90 gram jar of Limitless Baobab (sorry, we can only ship within the USA).  No credit cards, no paying for shipping, no bartering for your first post the photo we ship you the good stuff.  If you are going to be Doing Good, you will want to Feel Good and the antioxidant rich Baobab fruit will having you Feeling Super Good!     

The Laugh Loud:

Do we really need to explain this one?  Your posting photos of pets in costumes...that's funny...unless you are a pet, in which case we should probably call this Heavy Humiliation.  Sorry pets!  On the upside, did we mention we will give $200 to the ASPCA?

Let's Try Not To Get Arrested

The only real rule here, please don't post copyrighted photos without permission.  If you find a great photo on a site, you can just post a link to the page on the site.  Find something great on Pinterest?  Just post a link to the Pin.  Of course, if you have your own photos, that is the best!

How Do I Get My Free Bottle of Limitless Baobab?

Once you have posted your photo, just hop over to the Join Us page where you can register and give us your shipping address.  You will notice a question on that form "Feel Good Word of The Day?" - please enter PETS.  This will be our super secret way of knowing who posted a photo and we will then ship out your bottle.  You should expect your bottle in 7-14 days.  We want to stress, this really is free - we don't ask for a credit card, we are picking up the are working for Good and should be rewarded!

Help Us Maximize The Good and Fun

Don't keep the Petastic Spooky Scavenger Hunt For Good to yourself - share the Good!  If you could help us get the word out about this contest for Good, that would be great.  You will see all those fun sharing buttons at the bottom.

Got Questions?  Simply Contact Us and we will try to make things clear as a whistle.

Now, humiliate your Dog with a cat costume, snap a photo and let's do some Good!