Resources To Make You A Do Good Wizard

We all have that desire inside to Do Good, but sometimes it can be a challenge turning that Desire to Do Good into actions.  

Wait I'm having a flashback to High School physics.  I remember learning about Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy.  Objects may have large amounts of potential energy, but it is when that potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy that things really start to fly!

We all have "Potential Good" - good and great ideas on how to help people, stored deep inside of us.  Where we can all use some help is converting that "Potential Good" into "Kinetic Good".  Good that is moving, flowing and effecting others that it touches.  A waterfall of Good, a Tidal Wave of Good, a Tsunami of Good.  I am fresh out of water analogies, please tell me you get it?  Good!

We Are Not About To Reinvent The Wheel

How do you even invent a wheel in the first place?  Good thing I was not a caveman, if so, well, we would all still be living in caves.  The point is, we are not looking to recreate the wheel when it comes to resources for doing good.  There are plenty of excellent resources online that can help you turn your ideas for good into reality.  On this page we will provide links to some of our favorite resources.

Let's Learn To Fish...

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; Show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"

Sure we could rattle off a list of charities that we like, but that is just like giving you a fish.  Maybe you don't really connect with the charities we like, maybe you have a different idea of doing good.  Far better is to teach you how to fish for the best ways to Do Good.  This list will provide great resources to help you uncover what is of most interest to you and the best ways to use your most precious resource - the unlimited Potential Good inside of you.

Hmm, maybe there is a coffee mug in all this -

Eh, still needs work.  Okay, let's jump into the resources for changing Potential Good into Kinetic Good...


Resources To Do Good -

Give Well

How It Can Help: 

Excellent resource that rates the charities. In-depth Charity research.  If you want to check out a charity, this is the place to start.  Also has some nice articles and tips on giving.

Charity Navigator

How It Can Help:

Another excellent resource that rates charities.  Like lists?  Make sure to check out their Top Ten Lists - great lists all relating to giving and charity, it would make Letterman proud :) 

Innovations For Poverty Action (IPA)

How It Can Help:

Want scientific proof that if you give to a charity it will actually do some good?  You need to check out IPA.  They do scientific studies on the impact of giving to different charities and then publish the results.  Think giving $100 to any charity that supports education will have basically the same impact?  Check out this video, it will probably change your mind -

Giving 2.0

How It Can Help:

Excellent book, blog and movement on how to make your giving have a far greater impact.  Also be sure to check out their resources page - an excellent list of all things philanthropic, social good and charity.

Great Nonprofits

How It Can Help:

Think of this as the Yelp of the Nonprofit world.  See reviews and rating for nonprofits and search by location. 


How It Can Help:

Another organization that rates, ranks and reviews nonprofits.  Want to see if a nonprofit you are thinking about helping is really doing good work?  Check their report at GuideStar.


How It Can Help:

Have a cause you want to support, but don't know the best nonprofits that are working for that cause?  You need to check out Philanthropedia.  Simply pick your cause and then see nonprofits, with ratings and reviews, that work for that cause.


How It Can Help:

These guys win for best tag line - "If you don't give back, no one will like you". A great site that allows you to easily setup your own fundraiser online.  Want to raise money by juggling three legged cats?  Just crete the challenge on Crowdrise and share with everyone you know...well maybe not cat lovers, they might be offended.


Create The Good

How It Can Help:

Really, how could we not love a site named Create The Good?  The site easily connects you with volunteer opportunities to share your life experiences, skills and passions in your community.  Also has some great resources on quick and easy ways to do good.  Check out the How To guides and learn how easy it can be to start a project or find the right volunteer opportunity.

Ted Talks

How It Can Help:

Part of getting motivated to Do Good and really taking action is to get emotional.  We can see numbers of malnutrition all day or the amount of people that live on less than $2 a day (2.7 Billion), but it is stories that make it real.  Just spend some time at Ted Talks and listen to whatever interest you.  The talks are short (under 20 minutes) and incredible.  May we recommend Dan Pallotta's talk on why everything we know about charities is wrong.  Or just watch anything in the Ted Talks Health section - motivating stuff!

Random Acts

How It Can Help:

Can you really change the world by doing random acts of kindness?  Surprisingly, yes!  Random Acts helps organize and encourage random acts of kindness that start on a local level, but have a tremendous global impact.  Check out their getting involved page to learn how you can do small acts of kindness and make a huge difference in the world. 


This List is Perfectly Incomplete

Want to know a secret?  We are far from experts when it comes to Doing Good.  We are pretty clear on the spelling of Good, but the rest is just a matter of trying to take small steps to make a positive change.  Is the above list complete?  Absolutely not.  Yes, we would love for you to drop us a line if you have a great resource we missed, but we also want to show that it is okay to start Doing Good without being an expert on Nonprofits or Philanthropy.  

Sure, you can favorite (and share if you like) this page as we will be updating it, but more importantly, click on one of the links and spend just 15 minutes seeing how easily you could Do Good and make a real difference.  


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