How To Find The Best Baobab Fruit

Hey, give the guy a break, in his defense, you really can't find Baobab Fruit in the supermarket.  If you have read our article on the health benefits of the Baobab Fruit, you are probably excited to give it a try.  If you live in South Africa, you will have no problem finding fresh Baobab Fruit, but what are the rest of us supposed to do?  Let's find out...

The Baobab Fruit Has a Secret Hidden Under That Hard Shell

As you know from our article on Why Other Fruits Envy the Baobab Fruit, the other fruits are none to happy with the incredible amount of nutrients in the Baobab Fruit.  Still, who is going to go to Africa and get fresh Baobab Fruit?  Since Baobab Fruit is not sold fresh in the US, the other fruits figured they were safe.  I mean, to turn Baobab Fruit Pulp into a powder that could be shipped to the US must involve all types of processing that is sure to kill the nutrients, right?  WRONG...

It turns out the Baobab Fruit Pulp has another secret super power - it naturally dehydrates in the shell.  Cut open a Baobab Fruit and you get this -

Baobab Fruit

As you can see, the Baobab Pulp naturally dries in the shell and you are left with little cubes of Baobab Fruit Pulp -

Baobab Fruit Pulp

To make a Baobab Fruit Powder out of this, all you need to do is mill and crush it into a finer powder.  Absolutely no heat, no spray drying, no pasteurization needs to be done to the Baobab Fruit.  This means you can make a Baobab Fruit Powder, with all the nutrients of the Baobab fruit.

Why Is The Fact That The Baobab Fruit Naturally Dehydrates Such A Big Deal?

There are plenty of exotic fruits that have strong nutritionals... if you eat them right off the tree.  The problem with most fruits that are turned into powders, supplements or juices is that they need to be processed.  You need to spray dry, freeze dry or pasteurize the fruits to get them in a suitable form for shipping - but this processing kills off the nutrients.

If the Baobab Fruit did not have the ability to naturally dehydrate in the shell, it would be a great fruit for Africa, but that would be it.  The fact that you can make a Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder, that has all the nutrients and taste of the Baobab Fruit and is shelf stable - this is what makes Baobab Fruit so special!

Great, So I Can Just Buy The Cheapest Baobab Fruit Powder I Can Find?

Sure...if you like throwing away money.  The fact that you can let Baobab Fruit dehydrate in the shell and not process it, does not mean all companies do.  The fact that you can use only Certified Organic Baobab Fruit, does not mean all companies do.  The fact that you can make a 100% Pure Baobab Fruit Powder, does not mean all companies do.  And, maybe most important to us at Limitless Good, the fact that you can ethically and sustainably harvest Baobab Fruit and make sure all workers are fairly paid, does not mean all companies do.

When looking for the best Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder you want he following things -

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