Why Do Other Fruits Envy The Baobab Fruit?

In our last article, we discussed what is Baobab Fruit and where does it grow. In this article, things start to get a lot more exciting as we dive into the incredible nutritional profile of the Baobab Fruit and why the Baobab Fruit is the envy of all the other fruits! 

Hey Baobab Fruit, You Better Sleep With One Eye Open

I don’t know how many fruits you know, but let’s just say they can be downright vengeful if you rub them wrong…or try to knock them out of their top spot. Every fruit has its nutritional claim to fame and I just don’t think they are going to take it well when the Baobab Fruit comes along and tries to take them all down. 

Blueberries and Cranberries – the wonderful fruits that are king of the antioxidants. Need an immunity boost, you grab some berries as they are loaded with antioxidants. Or…you could grab some Baobab Fruit as it has 6 times the antioxidants of blueberries and cranberries. The Baobab Fruit even has double the antioxidants of the Acai berry. Simply put, the Baobab Fruit is the new king of antioxidants. I think I just saw the blueberries turn even more blue, anger rising, is that a pitchfork they just grabbed? 

You need some Vitamin C you grab an Orange. Period. End of story, everybody knows this. Well, sure, unless you want 6 times the Vitamin C found in Oranges, then you grab Baobab Fruit. Hey, Orange, put the torch down, violence never solved anything. 

We all like to workout, get some exercise so it is always great to have a Banana to replace the potassium we lose. Of course, you could take 1/6 the amount of Baobab Fruit, as Baobab Fruit has 6 times the Potassium of Bananas.   Big deal, potassium is overrated anyway, it is the magnesium and electrolytes that replenish the body and that is why we need Coconut Water.   I mean, all Baobab Fruit can give you, is ounce for ounce, the same potassium and magnesium of Coconut Water! 

Baobab Fruit, you are stealing the thunder of all the fruits. Sleep with one eye open, have someone start your car for you (I hear apples are good for this), don’t take food from strangers, beware of large wooden horses… 

We Have No Idea What a Superfruit Is, But Baobab Fruit Has Super Nutritionals 

Every month it seems the media crowns a new “SuperFruit”. The problem is, there is no definition for what makes something a SuperFruit or SuperFood. So, we are not even going to touch this issue, others can debate if Baobab is a Super Food. What we do know is that the Baobab Fruit has super nutritionals. 

One of our goals here at Limitless Good is to find some natural and Organic foods that can help you feel good. How does food help you feel good? By being packed with nutrients. We have yet to find a food packed with more nutrients than the Baobab Fruit…

Baobab Fruit Has:


Here is a quick chart comparing Baobab to some other well known fruits…

BASED on 12 Gram Serving of Each Fruit 



ORAC Level

FIber Vitamin C Calcium Iron Potassium Magnesium Sodium Fat
Baobab Pulp 16,800 6g 14.4mg 38.4mg .72mg 271.8mg 17.76mg 0.02mg 0.04mg
Acai Pulp 1,572 1.2g Trace 31.2mg .53mg 111.6mg 21mg 9.12mg .54mg
Pomegranate 1,260 0.06g Trace 3.36mg 0.10mg 79.8mg 4.14mg .96mg .14mg
Goji Berry 1,500 1.92g 3.48mg 13.5mg 1.01mg 135.60mg 13.08mg 2.88mg .12mg
Blueberries 786 1.01g 2.64mg 1.08mg .05mg 13.68mg .06mg .12mg .04mg
Cranberries 1,200 0.5g 1.62mg 0.96mg .03mg 10.2mg 0.04mg .24mg .02mg


Why a 12 Gram comparison? We will get to this later, but Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder tends to have a serving size of 12 grams.  


Fiber and Antioxidants Take Baobab Fruit To A Whole New Level 

By now you have probably figured it out – we love Baobab Fruit. We love Baobab Fruit for its complete nutritional profile, for every little thing mother nature put into this fruit, but if we had to pick the two things that impress us the most it would be fiber and antioxidants. 

Baobab Fruit is made up of 50% Dietary Fiber. The total fiber split is 75% soluble fiber and 25% insoluble fiber. In our next article, we will have more on the health benefits of fiber, but we find it incredible that a fruit, which actually taste good, could have this much heart healthy fiber. There really is no other fruit that can compete with Baobab when it comes to fiber. 

You know that annoying genius in your math class that would always score so high on exams that it threw the whole grading curve off? When the exam is on antioxidants, Baobab Fruit is that kid! 

Baobab has antioxidant levels that are off the charts. 6 times greater than Blueberries and at least twice that of Acai berries. Antioxidant levels are measured in something called ORAC. The ORAC level of Baobab Fruit Pulp powder is 1,400 per gram. Blueberries are 65, Pomegranates are 105 and Goji Berries are 125. As you can see, Baobab Fruit is in a league of its own when it comes to antioxidants. 

What Will All This Fiber, Antioxidants And Good Stuff Do For Me? 

Man, we really like your style. You cut to the chase, you don’t want the hype, you just want to know how to feel good! It’s almost as if you are in our head…weird. In any case, let’s move onto our next article which will reveal all –


The Health Benefits of The Baobab Fruit