Why Should You Eat Limitless Baobab?

By now you have probably read about the health benefits of Baobab fruit and learned that naturally dehydrated Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder is the best way to take Baobab, but which Baobab Fruit Powder product should you take?  Let's be honest, we are 100% Subjective on this topic, since we do make Limitless Baobab.  Oh, what is Limitless Baobab?  We are so glad you asked...

Limitless Baobab, 360 Grams Of Pure Goodness!

Let's start with the basics.  While we love to have fun on Limitless Good and joke around on the site, we take the production of our Limitless Baobab very seriously.  As we have explained, the Baobab Fruit is loaded with nutrients, so we wanted to get it into a jar with as little processing as possible - just give you what Mother Nature created.

Our Limitless Baobab is made with exactly ONE ingredient - 100% USDA Certified Organic Baobab Fruit Pulp from South Africa.  Absolutely no heat is used to dry the Baobab Fruit, it naturally dehydrates in the shell and then we just mill it into a powder.  Each jar gives you 360 grams of 100% Organic Baobab Fruit powder.  Simply add a scoop to a smoothie, water, juice, yogurt or your favorite recipe and you have an incredibly healthy delight.

Why Limitless Baobab Will Help You Feel Good:


Limitless Baobab Label


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Limitless Baobab, Not Your Typical Supplement

The above is great, and it may be enough for many companies, but we have bigger ideas here at Limitless Good.  Remember, we don't just want to Feel Good, we want to Do Good!

When we set out to create the Limitless Baobab we had the following goals...

Some lofty goals, but we are proud to say, with the help of our awesome customers, we have accomplished them all.  As you can see, we are not out to just make a dried fruit or a supplement, we want to create an experience that has all involved Feeling Good and Doing Good.

How Does Limitless Baobab Really Do Good?

Sure, Limitless Baobab, with all its nutrients can help you feel good, but how does it Do Good?  In a number of different ways...

For Every Bottle of Limitless Baobab Sold, We Give Money To a Charity

Our plan is to support a large number of charities, based on your feedback.  Currently, for every bottle of Limitless Baobab sold we are providing 8 meals to families in need via Feeding America.  

We are looking to work with a number of great charities throughout the year, drop by our Facebook page and let us know of any charities or causes you think could use our help.   

Giving Back to The Communities That Grow and Harvest the Baobab Fruit

By purchasing Limitless Baobab you are directly supporting the local communities in Malawi where our Baobab is grown and harvested.  The income people earn from harvesting Baobab often changes their lives and enables them to afford things such as healthcare and education.  All growers and harvesters are paid a fair wage and a share of the sales income from Baobab goes directly to funding local community projects.

Fun, Random Acts of Goods

Want to know our advertising budget?  It's that funny round number that comes right before 1.  Yeah, it is Zero and we are proud of it.  Rather than spend money on ads we are going to do random acts of good, give money away, give product away, build a playground, just have fun and try to help people.  Our hope is you will like what we do and share the news on Limitless Baobab and that is the best advertising we could ever ask for.

Side Note:  You probably should not let your kids step foot in a playground that I helped build...well, unless you think collapsing monkey bars and break away swings are a good thing.


What Is The Best Way To Use Limitless Baobab?

We plan on listing a number of our favorite Baobab recipes (read the Baobab Recipes here), but we also like to keep things simple.  You can just add 2 scoops of Limitless Baobab to a bottle of water and shake it up.  Boom! Just like that you have an incredible recovery, energy and antioxidant rich drink.  Drink it in the morning or before some exercise to give you a boost.  Drink another post workout or at night to feed your body the nutrients it needs for recovery and repair.  

Yes, you can mix it in juices, ice tea, smoothies, yogurts - bake with it, make ice cream and on and on.  Limitless Baobab gives you easy access to a very healthy fruit, experiment, have fun and let us know your favorite recipe!

Here is a great Baobab Smoothie Recipe -

Now, For the Before and After Shots

I think by law, if you are selling any type of healthy food, you need to have before and after shots. Well, given both the Feel Good and Do Good aspects to Limitless Baobab, we see this as a very real possibility...

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