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Enough of the negativity already. We are tired of hearing everyone report on everything that is wrong, when there is so much hidden good happening all around us. Let’s take action, let’s do good, let’s make a difference, let’s feel good and maybe most importantly, let’s never forget that life should be fun! 

We firmly believe our best days are ahead of us and good is happening all around us. We want to celebrate, reward and share the good, on every level. We want to change the world by laughing, working together and eating healthy.  Together, the good we can do and feel is Limitless!

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Least Surprising Headline of the Day - Fat Doesn't Make You Fat

September 02, 2014

Hey Fat, you might want to get a lawyer...looks like you have a pretty strong libel and slander case against the established medical community...

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What Would You Endure To Do Good?

August 21, 2014

What would you endure, for 24 hours, to Do Good???

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Baobab Fruit Gets The Superfood Treatment from Men's Fitness Magazine

August 11, 2014

We love the Baobab Fruit for all its awesome Goodness, but now it looks like the media is starting to jump on board the Baobab Bandwagon...

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Limitless Baobab Ice Cream Recipe, Baobab Fruit Turns Good into Better!

July 28, 2014

Can you really make Ice Cream better?  Yes, yes you can.  Let us introduce you to the amazing and easy to make Limitless Baobab Ice Cream...

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